From my screaming nights to the silent sorrows to peaceful tears

My feelings in words that slither into your soul

Thank you so much for considering my words worth reading!

Samriddhi Bora

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  • Dark Romance
    Let me be longing for the touch I’ve never feltOr the love I’ve never had..Let the cities be doomedOr the minds be gloomed.Can I care less?Oh my love…As our union is the purest,dancing on the pyre of myths.And for you and I, I seek nothing else!!
  • Perplexity
    Leave me if you love meYou said.Ah, what a cruel thing to say.But my love, you said that anyway. Our paths are never crossing,Our eyes are never meeting,I m not going to see you anyway.Why are you falling for meU asked.I wish, I had an answer! Give your lovers the chance they deserveYour heart isContinue reading “Perplexity”

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